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DNP Snaplab DP-SL620 II - Photo Kiosk with DNP’s DS620 printer

Code: DP-SL620 II

Best All-In-One Photo Kiosk with DNP’s DS620 printer.

The DP-SL620 II is DNP Photo Imaging Europe's best all-in-one printing kiosk system for photo shop businessthat combining our 6” printer DS620, a 11.6" order-terminal DT-T6mini and a software in a set. For a small initial investment in this DP-SL620 II you can start your photo business right away.

As the growth of mobile phone photography becomes more common, the demand for instant prints from photo kiosks is also growing. In addition, various instant print services such as ID photo products and event photos are also experiencing an increase in demand.

The DP-SL620 II offers a variety of photo finishing formats, ranging from standard prints, themed frames and ID photos including biometric passport photos* available. By adding the optional DNP’s DS820 or DS80DX printer, the value added products such as photo books can be also offered to generate more sales in a printing business. The DP-SL620 II has all you need for staring a photo print business.

*Biometric License must be purchased to activate it.

- Direct print from all memory cards and USB sticks

- Direct print from all Smartphones and Tablets ( iPhone , iPad , Android , Windows phone ) via included cable or  wirelessly

- Rewind function with no loss in printer media

- Cooling system that allows 400 prints 10x15 per hour

- Lowest price in 13x18 ( 5x7') media

- 2 years warranty

- Thermal print head with 100.000 prints 10x15 warranty

- 15x15 Prints

- High Gloss media

- Glossy and Matte prints with the same media